Openvidu server and browser version compatibillity

I currently have Openvidu Pro 2.17 on AWS and openvidu-browser 2.17.

I would like to know if I update the openvidu server to version 2.20 if I will have any compatibillity issues with openvidu-browser.

Im developing an app and openvidu-browser will be updated on the next release so I can’t update both simultaneously.

We only ensure compatibility of openvidu-browser with the exactly the same version of openvidu server and the next version.

So openvidu-browser 2.17 is ensured to be compatible with openvidu server 2.17 and 2.18.

In any case, maybe for your specific use case openvidu-browser 2.17 simply works with 2.20. You will have to test it yourself.


I recommend you take a closer look to Release Notes of 2.18, 2.19 and 2.20. Every Release Notes has all of the breaking changes, if any: Releases · OpenVidu/openvidu · GitHub

I checked the release notes and managed to update to 2.20 without any problems.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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