OPENVIDU PRO - Microphone not works when play another video, example: youtube or vimeo

Describe the bug
The microphone stops working when we play another video for example from youtube, it is a bug from openvidu. I do not know if there is another way to make it works, I am trying to play the video in parallel with the live one for the users, but when we unmute the video, the openvidu does not capture the audio from the microphone .

OpenVidu tutorial where to replicate the error
create a live and join in IOS device with other user, so try play some other video from youtube or vimeo, so the microphone audio stop to works

What I am trying do is play some video to the users in the live, but when we unmute the video, the microphone from the device do not works, so the others users can’t hear me.

Client device info (if applicable)

It is not clear if the issue is with Safari or with ionic app, react-native app or native app.

Have you tested with other videoconference services?

From your description it seems it works well in Firefox and Chrome, right?

It seems a compatibility issue with iOS operating system. I recommend you to take a look to iOS forums to see if it is common in iOS devices using WebRTC.


it is in react-native app, it seems be an issue in reactn-native-webrtc, when play another video or audio in the sametime with live, the audio stop for the streams users…

The I recommend you to test a react-native-webrtc simple example. If it is an issue of the project please report it and share with us the link to do the tracking.


ok, I will implement it in react-native openvidu example and so share the code here.


Example here, I added a new button above Toggle Camera, when you click in Play Video, you will can see that the microphone from device will be off

this exemple use openvidu-react-native project example from openvidu tutorials

Have you tested in Android?

no, only in ios device.