Openvidu is great

Openvidu is the best tool that I found to create video conference apps.
I was using the group call kurento tutorial, I saw the openvidu banner at kurento docs, I thought that it could not be better but when I discovered it, it was great.
what about you ?
let’s create great things :slight_smile:
Site Feedback : great site, I like the way you see latest messages

I think that it could be cool to have a “live/instant” chat here where you can see who are online, everyone could chat with everyone :slight_smile:
Why not a video conference chat by the way or why not using a software with the channel name written somewhere on the site :slight_smile:

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Hello @Raphael,

We are glad to know you liked Kurento and OpenVidu.

Thank you for suggestion about live chat. We will think about it.