Contribution to OpenVidu

Hey folks
I’m interested in using and contributing to OpenVidu. I’m impressed by its features and architecture.

I’m working on a project where past developers used OpenVidu for the video conferencing and calls.

I would also like to contribute to OpenVidu if possible. I have experience in Java, Spring, Linux, and I think I could help with potential contributions such as bug fixing, tests, or feature requests.

Would you be available to answer some questions I have about OpenVidu and provide guidance on how to get started with using and contributing to the project? I would greatly appreciate any help or advice you could offer.

Hi, thank you for posting your message here.

Basically, if you want to contribute with OpenVidu you should fork the repository and open a PR. The test will run automatically and we will check it out.

Here is a guide of how to develop OpenVidu Developing OpenVidu - OpenVidu Docs

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