Openvidu CE server and Kurento bot used UDP Ports

Good morning everyone,
I’ve just been using openvidu 2.23.0 CE.
I read this article carefully:
Allow users behind firewalls - OpenVidu Docs,
but I have never seen UDP ports used in my Openvidu/Kurento server, only TCP ports in connection.
How is it possible?
How and when do Openvidu server and Kurento decide to use UDP ports?
In general, is it advisable to use the TCP or UDP port?
My coturn is extern with public IP.

this is my port configuration in the server:
80 TCP
443 TCP
3478 TCP+UDPSTUN/TURN server to resolve clients IPs.
40000 - 57000 TCP+UDP used by Kurento Media Server to establish media connections.

Many thanks in advance!

Where do you check if your connection is TCP or UDP?

Hello criizba, thanks for you replay.
I check the connection between PC Client (browser Firefox/EDGE ecc…) and Openvidu/Kurento with tcpview sysinternals.

Please help me.


Can you send me each of the ports connections?

Probably the connection is going through the external TURN you’ve configured from the Browser to TURN. Is TURN in the same network as OpenVidu?

Hello cruizba,
see image attached, all connection, active e no active , are only in TCP.
Image are connection

  1. PC/Client to Openvidu/Kurento
  2. connection PC/Client to Coturn external

Please help me.

Hello cruizba,
please help me