Open vidu stop working after a year

Hi everyone,

I’ve got an issue with OpenVidu. The problem look’s like to be at the level of the videoconference server, I traced the trace on our side and it falls on hold when the openvidu script is called on the other server.

I’m not the person who install it onto my AWS account. I’m not also a devlopper.

We can see by visiting our different urls for emeeting, that the conference server seems downright down.
I think we can start by trying to “restart” the server depending on how it works… I have the impression that it’s downright the server and not directly Openvidu because it’s not only the videoconferencing url that crashes, all the urls I try give the same error.

So I don’t know if I can asked it here but I search an expert to hire as a freelance to maintain and upgrade and also devlop some features.


If you’d like direct help from OpenVidu experts, please write to

Kind regards.

Hi Pablo! Thank’s a lot!!
I will contact them right after that!!

Have a nice day!