Another problem! Now a stream stops working after 10 minutes

I’ve landed on another new issue, if i have a publisher doing a stream and a subscriber connects it works as normal, but after about 10 minutes the subscriber video freezes. I then refresh to connect back to the same stream id and the subscriber video doesn’t work, the console gets this error on the subscriber side:

StreamManager of Stream str_CAM_JkdA_con_LDs3EEjKQQ (Subscriber) did not trigger “streamPlaying” event in 4000 ms

The strange thing is vidu is not reporting any error when the subscriber tries to re-connect to the stream it’s just not transmitting the video or audio. As in the api call to get a connection token for the session is successful.

I don’t really know what to do to diagnose this, but it’s like the stream is disconnected on the publisher side yet the video stream is still working for the publisher. Now if i start a brand new stream it works again.

Why would it just disconnect?

What type of OpenVidu deployment are you using? CE/PRO/ENTERPRISE?

Does this happen to you always?

I’ll test it on my side with a call of 10 minutes and see if I can replicate this same problem. This looks like relay-candidate being dropped by the stale-nonce of Coturn, which by default is 600 seconds, but I am not sure…

I’ll report back my conclusions here.

At the moment just the free one, the issue doesn’t seem to happen all the time.

I noticed as well after changing my code to manually start a recording via the /recordings endpoint that vidu seems to take forever to respond to the api request.

I don’t see any problem on relay-candidates. So I discard this problem I mentioned before…

Again, what type of deployment do you have?

Right now the system is still in development so
Using the free one but will be upgrading to pro once it’s live