Open vidu call connecting issue to iPhone chrome and Firefox browser

Hi Team,
We are very disappointed that openvidu is still not supporting iPhone - Chrome/Firefox browsers.
We have come to know that one of the open-source tools ‘Jitsi’ gives supports to connect the video calls in iPhone - Chrome and Firefox browsers.

We are eagerly waiting for your reply for providing any future updates on supporting video calls in iPhone - Chrome/Firefox browsers.


Just update to just released 2.19 version and you have it :wink:

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ETA for 2.19 stable release?

It is available right now

ETA for 2.19 stable release or not? Please let me know

ETA? @Vasu openvidu 2.19.0 is out.

Openvidu 2.19.0 is the stable version or not?


Hi Micael,

How to upgrade from 2.15.0 to 2.18.0 using aws cloud formation.

It’s possible to direct Upgrade in cloud formation.

Kindly let me know to to upgrade wise 2.16.0, 2.17.0.and 2.18.0.

I am waiting for your valuable reply.


Is stable. Only mediasoup support is in beta.

You have to update versions one by one.

Or better, deploy a brand new OpenVidu 2.19 (and copy recordings if needed).


Hi Micael,

Thanks for your reply.

Murugan G