New Architecture/Overview Category

I think there should be a new category at the top called Architecture or Overview. I made updates to the documentation locally and have the following structure:

  • Architecture
    • Intro
    • OpenVidu Server
      • Intro
      • OpenVidu Server RPC Protocol (moved from Contribute)
    • OpenVidu Browser
      • Intro
    • Tokens
      • Intro
      • Generating Tokens with Server
      • Retrieving Tokens with Client
    • Sessions
    • Streams
    • Publisher
    • Subscriber
    • Video Players

I’m still new to some of this stuff, so I haven’t been able to fill out many new subcategories. If the more experienced users could fill this out, I think it will be alot of help to newbies.

We are open to suggestions on how to improve the documentation for newbies.

Share with us your version and we will take a look.