Last version for AWS

I noticed the OpenVidu 2.12.0 version is released on github.
When the version will be released on AWS?

Just now :wink:

You can use the provided CloudFormation to deploy latest version.

Hello. Micael.
Thanks for your kindly reply.

Now I am using OpenVidu Pro 2.11.0 on AWS. It is created in AWS Marketplace.

I just checked the latest version 2.12.0 but it is not on the AWS Marketplace.

For the latest version, should I create a cloudformation on AWS Cloudformation page not from AWS Marketplace?

My main issue was the scalability didn’t work in the 2.11.0 automatically with such as CPU utilization.

In the new version, how can I use the scalability on the AWS and can I see the scalability work or not?


Hello @JinShuai_Jin,

If you want to use OpenVidu 2.12 in AWS, you can install it with Cloud Formation. 2.12 is not available in marketplace as AWS requires a revision process that longs several weeks.

With OpenVidu 2.12 you can add and remove nodes to your cluster dynamically. But 2.12 won’t add and remove them automatically based on CPU load. We are working on such feature to be available in new versions.

On the other hand, the load balancing algorithm distributes sessions among available media nodes when created. One media session can not be split between several media nodes.

Moreover, a session with too much participants can have other performance problems based on how WebRTC currently works.


Seems like the 2.12.0 version template not completed yet.

I am getting the following error when create a stack.

API: ec2:RunInstances Not authorized for images: [ami-037fe5eda264b8a46]

It is occurring because the AMI is deprecated.

And for the new version, should I create VPC and Subnet manually?

Thanks. Regards.


That error may happen if the AMIs have no public access. We gave them public access last night, but maybe there wasn’t enough time for them to be updated.

Could you please try deploying the CloudFormation stack again?

Thank you.