Kurento Media server support for s390x rhel/ IBM cloud


I have been facing a problem while deploying the KMS on IBM cloud with s390x architecture.
The official Kurento docker image isn’t supported on the mentioned server.

Image Link : Docker

Steps we did.

  1. Created KMS image on the server.
  2. Tried to deploy KMS with docker stack. - > got error for not supported.

Only x86-64 is supported

Okay. Thanks!
Still is there any alternate way or substitute for KMS ? Cause video call is impossible without the media server. Do we have any option ? Please suggest.

No. You need KMS.

I do not know about IBM cloud machines… but maybe using QEMU can help to run x86 machines in your cloud instance.

But I don’t have any kind of experience with such setups, because QEMU would need to be in the same network as the host machine.

I recommend you to use directly an x86 machine.

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