"Join" hangs on Edge but work fine on Chrome

Hi, I’m new to OpenVidu and relatively new to web development.
I’m trying to set up a test server and run a demo app, openvidu-js-node.
I installed the server on Azure (Ubuntu20.4) with a free SSL certificate and using my chrome browser from a local machine, everything works fine.
I believe I got the certificate working correctly as the connection shows “secure” and it did not prompt to select the insecure connection dialog box.
But strangely, when I’m using Edge, it hangs indefinitely on JoinSession.
A closer look at the script shows me where I get stuck in app.js line 57.

session.connect(token, {clientData: nickName }}.then…

It never falls into ‘then’ and hangs forever.
If I were to do something wrong with a setup, it shouldn’t work at all, but it works fine using Chrome but not Edge. I’m using the default setup on both Chrome and Edge.

I’ve been fiddling with different setups for a few days and ran out of ideas.
I really appreciate it if someone can help.


This is really strange, because just in case you don’t know, Chroma and Edge share the same Chromium core. They are pretty much the same browser regarding APIs and technological stacks.

Check other browsers such as Firefox or Opera and see if the problem persists.