Issue with output sound in iPhone's after iOS 15 update

Hi Team,

First of all, I would like to thank you for developing an amazing WebRTC.

I am facing a new issue after updating my iPhone from iOS 14 to iOS 15.
When I join a video session the publisher’s sound comes out from earpiece (like during a phone call). How can I set output source to a speaker?

I tried enabling speaker layout from media player icons, but nothing seems to be working.
This issue occurs on all Apple iPhones with iOS 15 (Latest version)

I am using openvidu-library-angular 2.20.0

Can somebody please help me with this issue?
Thanks for your attention. I’m looking forward to your reply.

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I have same issues. It makes me crazy now.

If you have solution, please share to me.

Thank you.


Please, provide to us as much information as possible about your client device.
Device model, platform used (is it Safari? Which exact version?). The exact iOS 15 number.

Also please describe in detail the scenario in which you see the wrong behavior. Is it a simple 1:1 audio+video OpenVidu Session? Does it happen in any of the official OpenVidu demos?:

Yes, It happen with OpenVidu demos.
It is simple 1:1.
iphone 6s - iOS 15.0.1
iPhone XS - iOS 15.0.2
iPhone 12 - iOS 15.0.2

I think it’s happen with all iOS 15.x.x in any iPhone.

I’ve tested the same on iPhone 7 Plus- iOS 15.0 and the speaker and earpiece are working emitting sound at the same time.

This test was done in OpenviduCall

I’ve just test in OpenviduCall with iPhone XS - iOS 15.0.2 Safari. Audio level is low.
Audio level will be normal if I click stop/start using camera button in address bar.

Yes. But volume level is very low. We can’t hear while using camera.