Is react-native-webrtc required as a dependency?

The react-native tutorial doesn’t mention that ‘react-native-webrtc’ package needs to be added as a dependency, but when it isn’t present the following error occurs (on android, haven’t tested ios yet):

Cannot read property 'getUserMedia' of null
 - line 95 of openvidu-react-native-adapter/node_modules/getUserMedia
WebRTCModule.getUserMedia(constraints, success, failure);

We are using the following:

  • openvidu-react-native-adapter-2.20.0
  • react - 17.0.2
  • react-native 0.67.2
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Hi @scain ,

The openvidu-react-native-adapter artifact includes the react-native-webrtc as dependency, this is why you don’t need install it.
I’ve tested the official tutorial with the 2.20.0 version and it is working fine.

Thank you. There must be something else causing my problem then.

@scain did you solve? I have the same issue.