iPhone is heating a lot CPU usage is very high

These are the status -
When there are 4 participants in the session

  1. CPU usage almost 105-120%
  2. Energy Impact: Very High (i:e Phone was heating a lot)

When there are 6 participants in the session

  1. CPU usage 105-130%
  2. Energy Impact: High (i:e Phone was heating)

I am using native sample code. If openvidu is designed for video conferencing than it should support 150-200 participants very easily

@pabloFuente @micael.gallego @OpeenVidu team - How many participants are supported on the mobile side?
If videos of 4 people are shown on the screen and as soon as new participants join, phone CPU usage increases by almost 10%. even if the video is not rendered on the screen.

@Irfan92 . Try to use this environment variable in your deployment:


We use VP8 as default because is the best for compatibility but not the best for decoding because it uses CPU.

Try it and tell us if the performance improves.

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