Ipad with IOS 12.5.4 not publishing streams

There are no streams publishing when I start a session on a normal iPad with IOS 12.5.4 (ionic), no audio and no video. There are no errors displayed. The application is working fine on an iPad Pro with IOS 14+.

I have also tried the openvidu-ionic-capacitor example and that version isn’t also working on the older iPad. The strange thing is that when I start the stream from the newer iPad, and connect later from the older iPad everything works as expected.

Additional info: When I start the stream from the older iPad it does not publish anything, but it can subscribe to incoming streams.

Is there anyone with the same problems?

I can conform that the app is working properly with openvidu-browser 2.15.0, it isn’t working from 2.16.0 and higher for the iPad with IOS 12.5.4.

Note: The issue is also appearing on IOS 14.8 with the normal iPad.

@micael.gallego @pabloFuente I have a solution for the problem above, it turns out that it did nothing to to with the iOS version. The check if a device is a normal iPad (not pro) is wrong. It only checks if it’s a iPad Pro, the other iPads don’t fall in that category.

This is my new code:

public isIPhoneOrIPad(): boolean {
		const userAgent = !!platform.ua ? platform.ua : navigator.userAgent;
		const isTouchable = "ontouchend" in document;
		const isIPad = (/\b(\w*Macintosh\w*)\b/.test(userAgent) || /\b(\w*iPad\w*)\b/.test(userAgent)) && isTouchable;
		const isIpod = /\b(\w*iPod\w*)\b/.test(userAgent) && isTouchable;
		const isIPhone =/\b(\w*iPhone\w*)\b/.test(userAgent) && /\b(\w*Mobile\w*)\b/.test(userAgent) && isTouchable;

		return isIPad || isIPhone || isIpod;

I have tested this on a normal iPad, iPhone and an iPad Pro. It works as expected now. I have also added a iPod check if people are using that type of a device.