Inspector randomly not working/timing out? (OpenVidu Enterprise on AWS)

Hi there, I’m running OpenVidu Enterprise on AWS. I pretty much just followed the tutorial to set everything up from the documentation. Everything has been running smoothly for the most part in our testing and with our customers. I was also able to access the inspector page without issue.

However today, I attempted to go to the inspector page and noticed it was just timing out/not loading. So I went to AWS to see if the master node was getting overloaded or something but all metrics seemed fine. I did a test of our software and noticed that I was able to go live as a publisher and subscribers were getting video/audio. So that actual OpenVidu functionality of going live IS working still.

In the OpenVidu server logs, I wasn’t seeing any blatant error messages. I’ve attempted ./openvidu restart which has not helped, I still can’t access the inspector page, it times out still. I’m probably just going to restart the master node in AWS and see if that fixes it but I just wanted to bring it up here and see if there’s anything I’m missing?


This may be related with the redis content or a timeout to an OpenVidu Server, or maybe something browser related. We’re fixing some bugs for 2.21.0 so I hope this problems gets also solved.

Which section of the inspector are you noticing this delay? Media nodes? Session?

PS: Can you try to access inspector in incognito mode? Just to see if it is something related with cookies or whatever.

For whatever reason the /inspector URL just times out for me on my main work machine across my normal browser, incognito, and different browsers.

However, I don’t have this issue when I load the page on my phone. Also after trying a bit further, I can load specific pages like /inspector/#/cluster or /inspector/#/sessions. So that’s the workaround for now I guess but it still seems weird that the main /inspector URL is timing out for me.

Just want to add that even just changing “/inspector” to “/inspector/” seems to bypass this issue as well. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Mmm, I’ll take a look for the next version, looks like a redirection problem in the LoadBalancer rules maybe.