Listing recordings in OpenVidu 2.22.0 is giving an error via the Node client and also the OpenVidu Inspector?

Hi there, I recently upgraded to OpenVidu 2.22.0 and almost everything seems to be going smoothly. The one exception is, I’m not able to get the full list of recordings anymore. I am getting an error when I try to list recordings. I’m seeing this both via the Node client and also inside the OpenVidu Inspector. Attached is a screenshot of the error I’m seeing from the console when I load the recordings page inside the OpenVidu Inspector.

Some additional details:
-I still have the old 2.18.0 instance running and when I view the recordings page in the Inspector there, they do load.
-With 2.22.0, I can still access individual recordings using the Node client.
-With 2.22.0, when using the Inspector, if I enter a session ID in the filter/search box on the recordings page, it will show the corresponding recording.

Not sure what’s going, any insights would be helpful.


What OpenVidu PRO/Enterprise Deployment do you have?

Single master node? or High Availability deployment?

This 504 is a timeout, maybe in the proxy. Do you see anything particular in OpenVidu Server log?


I relaunched a new instance and went from a c5.xlarge to a c5.2xlarge for the master node and it’s working now. It was a single master node deployment of enterprise.