Import and save remote pre-recorded video using rtsp uri

Hi! first time here.

I’m developing a web app for manage remote ip cameras from Hikvision. The goal is to have live streaming, record on demand and some other features. The cameras are recording constantly in an NFS dedicated partition hosted by a regular vehicle pc local to the cameras. Hikvision provides a REST server app for communicate with the cameras, returning json objects with the needed data. Among these data is a value containing the RTSP that my app passes to OpenVidu for the streaming and on demand recording.

My question is: can I use the rtsp uri and OpenVidu for download pre-recorded videos of these cameras?. The original files are encoded with some strange video codec variant of H264 that makes getting it with ffmpeg a nightmare, so the idea is using OpenVidu not for playing the stream but encode and save it in the server. It’s that possible or is beyond OpenVidu’s purpose?. Thank you.