I have my webcam permissions denied on Chrome and my Publisher initialization fails

I’m running OpenVidu on Angular 17 on Chrome. I disabled my webcam permissions and I’m receiving this error: Publisher initialization failed. DEVICE_ACCESS_DENIED: NotAllowedError: Permission denied, resulting in the publisher not initializing at all (not even the audio track, and it also doesn’t show under the participants for the others).

private async getPublisherOptions() {
const devices = await this.OV.getDevices();
let publisher: Publisher = this.OV.initPublisher(undefined, {
audioSource: undefined,
videoSource: undefined,
publishAudio: devices.some(device => device.kind === ‘audioinput’ && device.deviceId === ‘’) ? false : this.localAudioActive,
publishVideo: devices.some(device => device.kind === ‘videoinput’ && device.deviceId === ‘’) ? false : this.localVideoActive,
resolution: ‘640x480’,
frameRate: 30,
insertMode: ‘APPEND’,
mirror: false
return publisher;

private async setPublisher() {
const publisher = await this.getPublisherOptions();
await this.sessionOV!.publish(publisher);
this.publisher = publisher;

Even though I’m setting the publishVideo to false (by checking the devices enabled first), it still doesn’t work:
the await this.sessionOV!.publish(publisher); method returns the error. Have you guys ever encountered something similiar? Thanks