How to reduce CPU requirements of OpenVidu

Is there any way we can reduce the CPU usage while running meetings. It looks like reducing bandwidth has no much effects on a 32 core CPU server.

Can you give us some technical insight on reducing the CPU usage? We are serving online classrooms for institutes, so cost saving is a big factor for us.


The best way to reduce CPU usage is changing a session when all participants are publishing to a session when “teacher” or “presenter” is publishing. In that way, the number of streams is reduced and CPU is less loaded.

In the following months, we will be publish a new OpenVidu PRO version with a more efficient media server so you could connect more users with the same CPU load.


Hi Basil,
Can you please your current benchmark you have achieved with a 32 CPU machine. I mean how many classes you are able to conduct and how many students are there in every class?

Thank you in advance for sharing the info.