Openvidu CE with mediasoup

Hi folks!
Is there any change to see Media Soup in OpenVidu CE?
Im asking this because Kurento use a lot of CPU and i dont use 1% of all his powerfull, because its not needed.

In recent months I have had problems when there are 4~6 sessions (1-N) totaling around 800 subscribers on this server. The CPU goes to 100% even though it is a machine with 24 vcores and 128gb of ram (physical machine). This issue only occurs in this scenario.
And when this happens, normally OPENVIDU_STREAMS_VIDEO_MAX_RECV_BANDWIDTH is not respected. Even setting it to 1200, each stream sends more than 3000 in this example I gave above. It is related with this topic. (High cpu usage)

I would like to know, even if there is no possibility of that, to analyze a possible change to media soup in my project.

Last but not least, thank you for developing the OV. This was my first developer encounter with WebRTC in 2020 using OV 2.13 and it made it seem extremely easy.

Unfortunately, migrating to another version is not an option due to the high cost it will generate.

Thks again!

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