How to move from OpenVidu CE to OpenVidu Enterprise?

Hi there, I have an app that currently uses OpenVidu CE. I’d like to start taking advantage of some of the features found in OpenVidu Enterprise like mediasoup, elasticity/autoscaling, and S3 recordings.

With that said, the documentation surrounding this suggests to me that I just need to set up a new deploy on AWS? Is that the case or is there a way to convert my OpenVidu CE setup to OpenVidu Enterprise?


Hello @phil917,

The best way to avoid any issue with the upgrade is reinstall all from scratch with OpenVidu Enterprise.

If you are using a cloud provider, the best is to deploy OpenVidu Enterprise in new machines and when all is working as expected configure the application to use the new deployment and turn off the old one. In that case the down time is minimum and you can roll back if something wrong is happening.

We provide official ways to update from one version to another, but not to change from one edition (CE) to another (PRO or ENTERPRISE).

Best regards

Thanks for that @micael.gallego. I’m in the process of trying to deploy OpenVidu Pro now on AWS via CloudFormation (following the guide on the OpenVidu site). Unfortunately, I encountered some issues where it was getting stuck at CREATE_IN_PROGRESS every time I tried to create the instances.

My configuration was largely the same with the exception of using S3 for recordings.

After a few hours, I poked through the logs and saw some error message regarding S3 and recordings (I forget exactly what it said). So I figured I would try again but this time use “local” for the recordings CloudFormation setting and that appeared to do the trick. The CloudFormation deploy completed successfully and I’ve verified my app works with the new instances.

Maybe it’s coincidence? Either way, I would like to use the S3 feature for recordings if possible. Any reason why that might not be working and causing issues with the CloudFormation deploy?


Without the exact error message is difficult to say what the error was.

In any case, you can configure s3 bucket after deployment. If you have any issue please remember to copy the error message.


If there is any kind of missconfiguration of S3 recordings, the error message should be self-explanatory. Please, review the logs output by openvidu-server-pro. You can post them here if you have any doubt about them.

Thanks, I just ended up configuring the S3 recordings after the initial deploy. Not sure what the issue was exactly but everything seems to be running smoothly now.