How to handle video freezing/pauses?

Hi there, me and some of our users seem to be experiencing freezing/pausing video consistently. Essentially it looks like the video gets stuck for 1 - 5 seconds at a time, then it will play, freeze again, etc…

The audio playback does not freeze, just the video. I understand there are varying network conditions that can lead to this but is there anything I can do to alleviate this issue? Lowering video quality or something along those lines?


I am also facing the same problem. Earlier I thought that there is an issue with my internet connection. So, I decided to try it on a different occasion. Still, I noticed significant video freezing pauses. It should be handled as soon as possible.

Based on some searching I’m wondering if this issue has been fixed in the latest version of OpenVidu. See this post here: Regular short freezes on MediaSoup - #6 by j1elo

Our setup is still using 2.20.0, we’re planning to upgrade soon so hopefully that resolves the freezing issues.

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Yes please, check if the newer versions already fixed this issue you’re having, because the sooner we can confirm it, the better. Otherwise if it’s still an open issue, we’d at least know about it and be able to schedule time for studying and fixing it.

We’re actually just a couple days past releasing the newer version 2.22! So it’s a good moment to upgrade :slight_smile:

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I am really looking for the latest OpenVidu 2.22. I am expecting some major improvements over the last version.