How to create custom kurento module scaffold on ubuntu 20.04


I’m using openvidu docker image on ubuntu 20.04 and I need to create a custom kurento filter to bluring faces so I’m following this tutorial:

As indicated, it’s needed to install kurento-media-server-dev package (which include kurento-module-scaffold tool) but like I’m using ubuntu 20.04 I have to use the docker image kurento/kurento-media-server-dev.

I’ve inspected this image content and there isn’t any scaffold tool.

Please, could you tell me how I can use this tool in this situation or if there is some alternative?

Thanks in advance.


Hi, the easiest would be to use the Kurento Docker image as a development environment; for that, you can start a container with a different entrypoint and a bind-mount to your development directory.

An example command would be like this. Let’s say that work is your work directory:

cd ~/work

docker run --pull always --name kurento-work -ti \
    -v "$PWD":/work \
    --entrypoint /bin/bash \

This will create a new container, named kurento-work, and mount your work directory into /work inside the container.

Now, inside the container, you can run apt-get and other commands, as normal:

apt-get update ; apt-get install --yes kurento-media-server-dev

cd /work

kurento-module-scaffold [...]

Note that when you exit from this container, you can later re-access it again with

docker start -ai kurento-work

and to delete the container when you no longer need it:

docker container rm kurento-work

Great, I’ve achieved build the scaffold!

Thanks for your held.