Enterprise AWS Deployment error: LambdaOnCreateInvoke error

When generating the cloudformation the lambda LambdaOnCreateInvoke does not generate. I didn’t enable the rollback function and I tried to look for the error in cloudwatch but I couldn’t find it either. I looked for the livetrail and I didn’t find it either. What can it be?

What version and edition are you using? Did you modify the Cloudformation?

I didn’t modify cloudformation. I used this url

Does anyone have any idea what could have happened? It is not possible to identify the location of the error logs when generating cloudformation in cloudwatch.
The yaml provided in the documentation was used without any changes.


I’ve tested the deployment and everything is working fine.

The Cloudformation template copies an AMI into the region, so you always will have the AMI even if we delete it from our side. It’s a way to ensure people have their deployments always working.

Does the account which is deploying have enough permissions to do that?

Check the source code if you need it: