Demo hosted on fails on some Android devices

I posted a more technical version about this some days ago but it is still under review by the anti-spam -system for some reason. But I’m reposting about only the demo issue now, the “Basic videoconference” -demo hosted on the official page fails on some Android devices using Chrome, both participants see the other participants name and a white box is reserved on screen, but no video or sound ever comes through.

Console shows the error "openvidu-browser-2.20.0.js:10946 StreamManager of Stream str_CAM_XPiN_con_UdbAi6gCP2 (Subscriber) did not trigger “streamPlaying” event in 4000 ms ".

The affected devices we have on hand have no commonalities except they’re running Android 11 and the latest Chrome, we have other devices running the same software with no issues.

Using Firefox on these devices has no issues.

Is this issue being looked at?