Configure webhook to exclude some signal types on signalSent event


AFAWK, we can only configure OpenVidu server to send to our webhook all signal events (with value signalSent listed in property OPENVIDU_WEBHOOK_EVENTS) or none.
We have several types of signal, and are not interested in some of them in our webhook. We suppose it’s the case for lots of users of OpenVidu and that it would be more optimal to select the signal types you want to include/exclude in all the messages exchanged between the OpenVidu server and the external webhook.



Create a proxy on localhost (same place where you’ve installed OpenVidu, add it in docker-compose.override.yml file maybe so it starts at the same time).

This proxy app should forward just the signals that you need to the external webhook endpoint.

Then setup the webhook in the .env file, example:



Thanks for your reply.

That’s indeed what we’re doing for the moment (well, our proxy is not on the same server than OpenVidu but right next to it).
But that doesn’t prevent OpenVidu to make all these unnecessary HTTP requests (and our proxy to filter them). It would be more optimized to be able to configure OpenVidu not to make these specific webhook calls.