Windows Chrome aspect ratio and resolution

Firstly, many thanks for Openvidu. It’s amazing. I have been developing a site to help with some remote TV production. I am using an AJA U-Tap SDI capture device. On the mac version of Chrome, my video is sent as 1280x720 and is the correct aspect ratio. However on Windows Chrome, the video is sent as 4:3 Anarmorphic (the wrong shape). I have set the resolution in OV.initPublisher as 1280x720.

I noticed this is the same in some of the Openvidu demos as well. ‘Get a room’ is correct but, ‘Webinar’ is wrong in the same way my app is.

Sorry if that doesn’t make a lot of sense…

Any help, greatly appreciated.


It would seem, some devices ignore the resolution defined and default to the ideal resolution set in the openvidu-browser.js. I changed the ideal values to 1280 and 720, now all sources are the correct aspect ratio.

HI Richard, I’m interested in your project, how did you manage to get it to take source from the SDI capture device please?