Viewing OpenVidu server logs

We have OpenVidu 2.15 deployed in our AWS instance using the deployment instructions via CloudFormation.

I need to have a better way to look at latest logs i.e in last 7 days or so. Currently when i go to /opt/openvidu and do ./openvidu logs, it dumps out a large scrolling log out put.

My question: -

  1. How can I trim/ truncate the logs to keep them reasonable sized?

  2. Is there a way to dump the logs to a file that I can download and look at offline.


OpenVidu is deployed as a set of containers managed by docker-compose.

You can inspect the logs for every container with commands:

docker-compose logs -f kms
docker-compose logs -f nginx
docker-compose logs -f coturn
docker-compose logs -f redis
docker-compose logs -f app

Review docker-compose documentation to get tips on how to manage logs.

Best regards

1: Logs are rotated from version 2.16.0
2: Use the commands @micael.gallego said.

As additional information, Kurento Media Server logs are persisted in /opt/openvidu/kurento-logs.