Video is rotated 90 in openvidu web platform

Hi Team
in my android application (android user) video is rotated 90degree in web platform how to fix it , i tried rotating VideoCapturer their is no option to rotate it Help me out fixing this issue;

please refer the below screen shot of web plat form.


  1. android device is in landscape mode always.
  2. camera info of android : back- camera and orientation is 270

Hi team any update on this issue

I’ve researched a little bit and it seems to be a limitation of WebRTC google API: webrtc - Forcing camera to landscape android - Stack Overflow

The unique possible solution I see is to send the device orientation via openvidu signaling, and rotate the video in all browser clients.

Anyways, is the capture from an android emulator?, did you tried with a real android device?

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yes in a normal android devise also if I choose the back camera I am getting same out out but in front camera it is fine