Mobile video is rotated in OpenVidu web platform

We are having an issue where the video for a mobile participant is rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise when viewing it in our web application. The problem is occurring with iOS and Android. Everything looks fine in the mobile app and it’s fine in the web app when the other participant is also using the web app.

This only occurs when our applications are using our own OpenVidu server. The issue does not occur when pointing our apps to Our OpenVidu server is on version 2.20.0 and we are using the enterprise edition. We are using mediasoup for the OPENVIDU_PRO_MEDIA_SERVER but I also tried changing the setting to kurento and got the same results.

I also tested this using the openvidu-react-native and openvidu-call-react sample apps and I got the same results. The video for the react-native participant is rotated when viewing it in the openvidu-call-react app. Once again, it works fine when using the OpenVidu demo server but not when using our OpenVidu server.


Thanks for helping us debugging OpenVidu ENTERPRISE beta. We have confirmed there is a rotation issue in OpenVidu ENTERPRISE, at least for streams published by iPhones.
We are currently working on a fix.

Best regards.

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We have located and fixed the problem. It will be officially available in the next release, but you can try it now using the nightly version.

To enable it, please update your .env configuration file stored in your S3 bucket with this property:


This is the process to update a configuration property of an OpenVidu Enterprise cluster directly updating the S3 file: AWS - OpenVidu Docs
After completing the process, the new image with the fix should be in use.

The issue has been resolved. Thank you!

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