Use seperate server for my own app

Hi everybody,

on every tutorial, the deployment of an own web application is solved with by deploying the application on the same server like openvidu.

We want to use our own server and redirect all requests on port 80/433 and location / (except dashboard and openvidu). This could be done if we would change the custom-nginx.conf from

upstream yourapp {
    server localhost:5442;


upstream yourapp {
    server <ip_from_our_app_server>;

But this seems to be an update unfriendly method to achieve just the change of one row code. Is there any other possibility, maybe an undocumented ENV-Variable?

Best regards


If you want to deploy the application in another server the best option is to use a public IP for that other server with its own domain and certificate and just use OpenVidu from the app.

OpenVidu deployment make easy to deploy the application in the same server than OpenVidu platform, but you can deploy OpenVidu platform without any application inside it and just use OpenVidu Platform from another server.