Deploy my modified OpenViduCall

Hello all,

I’m new on all this. I’ve downloaded Openvidu and managed these 2 last weeks to make same changes on the Front and the Backend implementing some needed features.

Now I’m stuck at the Deployment. I deployed the Openvidu on AWS EC2 (works fine) and thinking about deploying the App_Back I modified on another EC2 (I think I should just adjust the URLs and run it) but what about the the modified App_Front ‘Angular’ on an S3 what should I do? If I’m not wrong I should build it and just upload it but don’t know how. ANY HELP PLEASE?

Thank you,

Hello. Have you seen this section of the documentation? Deploy OpenVidu applications - OpenVidu Docs

Yes I took a look at it but it has nothing about building and deploying our own customised version. It’s about Docker versions and it just says you can deploy your own version without saying how.

Well, that section explains how to deploy your app in the same server as OpenVidu and using the same certificate, to save resources and simplify the deployment. You can do it in a Docker container very easily, if your app is dockerized. If your app is not dockerized, there is also a small section Installed natively, with the requisites to do so.

Or if you want you can deploy your app in a completely different server and domain, and just point it to your OpenVidu deployment.

Is there something you don’t understand about this?

Actually I do understand it and I know it theoretically.

  1. deploy Nodejs and run it on an EC2
  2. build Angular and upload it on S3 (Should I just run the build commande (which one there are a few)? noticed there are like some options I need to set maybe)

Hello all,

So made it work. I still have only one CORS issue but will Postman worked like a charm. here are the steps if anyone needs it.

  1. deploy Openvidu server on AWS
  2. deploy the Openvidu customised App_back on EC2 (making sure it’s HTTP and NOT HTTPS with port 5443
  3. upload the built Angular customised App_front on S3 (don’t forget to add the port 5000 to the App_Backend URL