Unable to view sessions logs from the OpenVidu inspector


I have deployed OpenVidu EE HA by following the official tutorial, the deployment works fine in general but I am having an issue in navigating to the session logs direct url from the OpenVidu inspector, it gets redirected to the kibana portal but I am presented with an error page as seen below.

The logs are available in Opensearch and I can also see them in kibana if I open the aws opensearch kibana url, but the session logs direct link from the inspector ui always result in the above error.

I could see Content Security Policy: The page’s settings blocked the loading of a resource at inline (“script-src”) messages in the browser developer console, so it seems like kibana prevents scripts rendering by default and that’s why we are unable to open the direct session logs url, We use the OpenSearch hosted service in AWS for Openvidu EE as suggested in the video deployment tutorial and I am not sure how to fix this :slightly_frowning_face:

Appreciate if someone could help me with this, Thanks!

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Hello @Prasad , I would ask that to the AWS team on how to enable it. You can always try to use other Elasticsearch as a service solutions.

Are you using Elasticsearch 7.10?


Sorry, I now remembered that Logs in Elasticsearch service from AWS are not available. Only can be used with official Elasticsearch. It is not a Content Security Policy error. Kibana service in AWS does not have “Logs” section.

You can search them in the discover section of Kibana, but direct links does not work.

Thanks a lot for the response, @cruizba :pray:

I guess this should be mentioned in the official install tutorial, or at least add a note mentioning that the inspector log links won’t work if we opt for the AWS OpenSearch service for the logs, Thanks!

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Thanks, I’ll take note on that.

Anyways we have in our roadmap to include a logs panel in the inspector. But it is in the medium-long term.