There is a plugin or something for a whiteboard/canvas sharing feature?

Hello! I’m trying to install OpenVidu and I need while sharing the screen a whiteboard/canvas tool to also write and draw and the shared content. I saw this topic, but I don’t understand how to use and install that library for OpenVidu

Thank you!

Hi Visel,
there are 2 points to make clear:

  • you will need a canvas drawing plugin or something else in our application to draw shapes, text or whatever you want (in our use case we just did it ourselves with some javascript code)
  • if you want to share this whiteboard with other users, to that everyone sees the same and can make additional interactions with the board, you will have to use openvidu signals to share the information between all users


  • a user opens the whiteboard
  • a signal is send to all the other users
  • each app reacts on the signal event and opens the whiteboard on every users app
  • the first user draws a rectangle with a canvas element (Edit fiddle - JSFiddle - Code Playground)
  • after drawing, a new signal with coordinates, colours, width and height of the rect is sent to all users
  • on every users app, the singal is catched and the rect is drawn

But this logic you have to implement on your own.
(experienced programmer should do this within a few days)