How Can I implement the whiteboard sharing feature using OpenVidu?

I’m developing an application and the requirement is to make a feature so that teacher can share the screen and students can see the teacher’s screen.

How can I implement this feature please brief me or can we do that with OpenVidu or not?

Hello @devNaman,

We have integrated this whiteboard in some projects:

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Thanks for your reply…do you have any resources in java for openvidu

What you mean by “resources in java for openvidu”?

There are several tutorials on the OpenVidu side implemented in Java.

How can I handle the backend for whiteboard sharing?

can we make our own events?

You don’t have to implement anything in the backend.

You just have to use the sendSignal feature of OpenVidu:

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Okay, the front end is sending a real-time JSON stream

      data: 'My custom message',  // Any string (optional)
      to: [],                     // Array of Connection objects (optional. Broadcast to everyone if empty)
      type: 'my-chat'             // The type of message (optional)
    .then(() => {
        console.log('Message successfully sent');
    .catch(error => {

can I handle the JSON and if you could give me some examples.

You have all the information in the page I’ve shared with you

thank you @micael.gallego I will ask for your help If I’m stuck…

Hi I can install this? Is my first time trying to install open vidu and I need a whiteboard

If I have my openvidu installation I have to add this on backend side or do something on front-end?