Support for HEVC H265

Our customer is requesting better data efficiency while streaming and capturing recordings. Is support for HEVC and H265 on OpenVidu’s roadmap?

If so is there an expected release date?

If not, can you please specify the factors driving this decision?

Bets are they will add AV1 support before HEVC… :wink:

I think any improved codec would be acceptable. Is AV1 anywhere on the roadmap?

I would also love to know if HEVC or even VP9 is on the roadmap - they have decent browser support now and is a real step up from previous gen, even iOS apparently supports VP9 now - even if they say they don’t.

AV1 still seems like it’s not coming anytime soon on enough browsers for it to be worth adding in my humble opinion.

OpenVidu Enterprise already supports VP9 by using the mediasoup SFU.

Don’t think there will be a free version supporting VP9 unless this is first added to Kurento media server.

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