Suggested approach to create own Angular frontend


I have openVidu installed and running smoothly on a VPS server.
I would like to create an Angular application looking like twitch clone, which means the MVP would be a presenter page and viewer page.
Presenter page would be basically an openvidu-call application.
Viewer page would be looking like a simple Youtube video with no interaction except stop button, with chat on a side.

Now the questions:

  1. As i have seen, openvidu-call is the default application on a freshly installed running server. The server runs the Angular app by running ng serve? It also runs the nodejs backend for the app by default?
  2. what are the relations between openvidu-browser (inside main openvidu repo) and openvidu-call application (inside its own openvidu-call repo)?
  3. Any tips how to run the openvidu-browser on Windows since “npm run build” gives me error “’.’ is not recognized as an internal or external command”?

I suppose the approach would be to start from openvidu-call application with nodejs backend, make it run on the same server, set it up so it overrides the default application (according to docs), am I right?

No. ng serve command is used for development, never to deploy a production application. Angular code is built with ng build and published in a static folder in a web server.


OpenVidu Call is an application using openvidu-browser as you can see here:

Follow step by step the instructions if you are on linux. If you are on windows, install Node.js and NPM and uses a shell compatible with linux (MYGWIN) or adapt the commands to windows if they fail (most of them should work as is).

Yes. Modify OpenVidu Call to adapt it to your needs and after that deploy it in the server where you deployed OpenVidu Platform. Do not try to develop OpenVidu Call on the server. Develop OpenVidu Call on your own computer.

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Somewhat of a followup to the OP’s question … I have been trying to run the openvidu-call app locally for development and use our openvidu server we have in AWS. Is this possible or not? I have spun up openvidu-call-back and openvidu-call-front and have set the config in the config.ts file of call-back to have our AWS server and secret and have also set our config in the environment.ts file of call-front … however, when the localhost:4200 spins up and I Join a room … after about 30-60 seconds I get the following: "[HPM] Error occurred while trying to proxy request from localhost:4200 to https://vidu. :5000 (ECONNREFUSED) … " … I thought maybe i needed to edit the proxy.conf.json file … but changing that results in same …

I am wondering if the only way to develop locally is to use the docker is it?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



For Running OpenVidu Call you have to follow this steps: OpenVidu Docs

If you want to customize the configuration, please, read this doc section: OpenVidu Docs

Thank you. I was able to get it to work last night. Much appreciated.