streamPropertyChanged not working in android

I am implementing mute/unmute audio and enable/disable video features in android, though they are working fine in react and angular JS but for some reason, not on android.
so here is what I did. first, I muted/unmuted audio in the local audio track and then emitted the following socket event to notify other participants about the action

JSONObject paramsJson = new JSONObject();
paramsJson.put(“streamId”, session.getLocalParticipant().getStreamId());
paramsJson.put(“property”, “audioActive”);
paramsJson.put(“newValue”, String.valueOf(status));
paramsJson.put(“reason”, “publishAudio”);

JSONObject jsonObject = new JSONObject();
jsonObject.put(“jsonrpc”, JsonConstants.JSON_RPCVERSION);
jsonObject.put(“method”, method);
jsonObject.put(“id”, id);
jsonObject.put(“params”, paramsJson);

Though audio did get muted/unmuted but for some reason, other participants who joined the session from React, Angular, and android samples didn’t receive it. The same is happening on video enable/disable.

If you are refering to the openvidu-android tutorial, then you are right: streamPropertyChanged event won’t work.

openvidu-android tutorial implements just the minimum subset of RPC methods available for clients in the openvidu-browser JS client. This is the full list of RPC methods of OpenVidu Server RPC protocol: OpenVidu Server RPC protocol - OpenVidu Docs.

openvidu-android only implements a few of them: openvidu-tutorials/ at master · OpenVidu/openvidu-tutorials · GitHub, the minimum necessary for having simple video conferences.

Ok, Let me explain it again -
Let’s assume -
User A joined the conference from react sample and user B joined it from the android sample. When user A mutes/unmutes himself user B receives “streamPropertyChanged” event. but if user B who is on android mutes/unmutes himself, I am sending this “streamPropertyChanged” event using the above-mentioned code but user A is not receiving the callback