Specifying maximum user media stream resolution in openvidu-angular

Is there a way to specify a max user media stream resolution in openvidu-angular? Or do we have to fork the library? Also, what config changes need to be made on server to support max of 1280x720 resolution. We are currently using v2.27.0.

Next openvidu-angular version 2.29.0 will allow the frameRate, resolution and simulcast customization.

We are working for improve this library and we plan to release a new version next month.
Thank you for your comprehension

Okay Thanks. By the way, do we also need to update the configuration for supporting 1280x720 resolutions, specifically these ones:


And what are the optimal value for these configurations for supporting 720p resolutions

Also can you tell the tentative release date for 2.29.0. Thanks

We are right now more unavailable because of summer vacations. But I think you can expect it in September.