Server Configuration Requirements


We are doing our PoC before going with OpenVDU, and need to collect some information before taking next step. Our requirements are something as follows:

(a) There will be a batch of teachers who will conduct classes individually. Assume, we have 50 teachers. By default every teacher can have camera and mic enabled ie. unmute.
(b) Every class will have around 350-400 students joining online. By default all the students will have camera and mic mute but based on requirement, teacher can unmute student camera and mic to discuss the subject.
(c) Teacher will have either Canvas whiteboard or Screen Sharing as stream enabled all the times.

Assuming all the teachers will conduct class at the same time, I want to know what server(s) configuration will be required to conduct these classes without any hassle.

Thank you for your information on this.

Hello @Mohtashim,

We do not have the final numbers as it depends on media quality (resolution and framerate) for camera and screen share. But as a rule of the dumb you can have 1 teacher with screen share and 350/400 studens (only subscribers) in a media node of 8 CPUs. This is a total of 1200 streams (audio+camera+screen). If a student has to publish, then screen share have to be canceled to avoid the overhead of having 1200+800 = 2000 streams.

For 50 teachers you will need 50 media nodes.

You will need also a powerful master node (16 CPUs and 32Gbytes of RAM).

In any case, the best option is that you load test yourself the scenario you are describing with the load test tool: GitHub - OpenVidu/openvidu-loadtest: OpenVidu load testing environment

Best regards