Screen sharing without popup

Hello, how can I do screensharing without showing a popup and only for the current tab?
Thank you very much for guiding me

Pop ups are browser dependant. They cannot be avoided, and there is nothing developers can do about it. At least in Chrome you can slightly configure what the pop up will show to the user (so you may be able to limit the options to the opened tabs at the moment), but that’s it.

Can customization be done by customizing extention?

Probably, but unfortunately I am not an expert in browser extensions.

I wanted to try with this code but it makes no difference

var OV = new OpenVidu(); OV.setAdvancedConfiguration( { screenShareChromeExtension: “” } );

That extension was useful a couple of years ago, when screen sharing still required special permissions only granted by using an extension. But nowadays screen sharing is natively supported by all modern browsers. That extension still required the user to manage the pop up.

Well, now if I want to customize the browser popup for screensharing, for example, change its ui, increase or decrease some of its options, what should I do?

Probably go ask for advice to a forum specialized in the development of browser extensions. This is outside of the scope of OpenVidu, I’m afraid. I am not an expert in browser UI customization with extensions, so I cannot really help you.

Thank you very much for your help