Custom screen share plugin

How can I use the plugin I want for screensharing?
I am using version 2.18 and I used the code in the document but it did not work
Thank you very much for guiding me

You don’t need to use any plugin to use screen share on your app

I want screensharing to be only from the current tab and customize the popup. How should I do this?
I thought this could be done with a plugin?

It is not possible to customize the screen share popup. It is browser dependant.


So how do screen capture plugins do this? Meanwhile, openTok has handled this, so how did it do that?

Good question.

Opentok is open source. So you can investigate.

Please share your findings with the community

I saw the miro site, it used openTok for screensharing, it was like this, it got screensharing from the same tab without showing a popup

This plugin also customized the screensharing related to Chrome