Screen sharing custom / Is it possible to broadcast to two publishers in one session?

I am working while referring to the screen sharing function document.
Screen sharing’s self-test confirmed that it works correctly.

I want to change this shared screen to my screen that was previously broadcast, but I can’t solve it smoothly due to lack of knowledge.

I tried to broadcast two screens at once, but it was impossible to broadcast to two publishers in one session.

So, I unpublished my existing publisher and sent a new publisher, but my video element that was being sent out disappears.

I tried to refer to the screen transition example, but I couldn’t get the video track before it was published to the session. can you help?

It is possible to broadcast two publishers in the same session, but you will need to use two OpenVidu objects simulating two participants.

Here you have an example application: GitHub - cruizba/openvidu-tutorial-insecure-js-with-screenshare: Insecure js tutorial with screenshare

Oh my gosh! thank you so much.