Same container as screen share

Hi everyone, I would like to create a publisher without audio or video but showing an image inside a container.
I would like to create it similar to the pusblisher created through the screen share, could you tell me how to proceed? I would like my

container to be as wide as the screen share’s.

Many thanks in advance.

Hello @Developer3010,

I don’t understand what you want to do. Can you describe in other way please?


Sorry for my unclear explanation, but what I want to do is the exact same thing that is done when you enable screen sharing.
One more stream is created but it turns out to be bigger than all the others and forces them to line up on the right.
My new stream, however, must not have audio or video, but must show a

which will then contain the link to an image.
Have I been clearer now?

Best regards and thank you very much.

If I understand you correctly, you are asking about layout the elements in the screen?

It depends a lot on the frontend technology you are using.

We don’t know what technology you are using and we can not help you.

Best regards

I am using OV with the front end in angular.
I would just like to understand why the screen-share is seen much larger than the other streams and I would like to replicate it, only that I would have to insert a container that will show an image.