Reduce Bandwidth requirements in OpenVidu server

I understand that OpenVidu CE does not support P2P yet. Does that mean all streams - Screen share, Video, etc will be streamed from the OpenVidu server?

I am trying to figure out a way to reduce bandwidth requirements of OpenVidu server, what would be the best approach to do this?

OpenVidu CE doesn’t support P2P.

To reduce the bandwidth you can reduce the bitrate per stream.

Do you have an ETA for P2P in OpenVidu Pro version.

There is no ETA, but we expect to have it in 3/4 months.

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Hi Micael,
can you give an update on p2p? 3-4 months from may is coming closer.
P2P would be a game changer for us and definitely make the Pro version very attractive… we have lots of small meetings (3-4 clients), and if only half of the data would be tranferred p2p that would dramatically reduce our server costs… From what I’v seen and heard from people using webrtc p2p solutions, we could even expect up to 75% less traffic on the server with p2p…

hello, I have the same question, it seems that the time you have estimated for p2p ETA has expired, any news on that? we are adapting now openvidu solution for our e-commerce product and one of the biggest concerns is p2p and e2e. Thank you

P2P support is not going to be provided in the short time.

We do not have any estimated date for this feature.