OpenVidu / Kurento custom GStreamer filter


I’ve compiled and installed the gst-videoscale-ratio filter for GStreamer 1.5 in the KMS docker. I can see the filter using the gst-inspect-1.5 | grep videoscaleratio command and it also works with the gst-launch-1.5 command.

Unfortunately adding it to the OpenVidu filters doesn’t work and I’m getting this error:

org.kurento.client.internal.server.KurentoServerException: GStreamer element cannot be created: no element \"videoscaleratio\"

It was added like this in the initPublisher function options:

filter: {
    type: 'GStreamerFilter',
    options: {
          command: 'videoscaleratio height=240'

All the other GStreamer filters work properly so am I missing something to run the custom filter?


Hi mihalji,

I am here for a I need a help on this.
we are using autoscaling so we will get new media nodes if I install Gstreamer in KMS will that works in other nodes because we have doubt that new nodes will have new ip add that we need clarity on this.

OpenVidu/KMS already comes with GStreamer filters, you set them from OpenVidu like this:

My problem is with a custom GStreamer filter that I’ve compiled so not sure if you want to do the same thing.

If you need command line tools like the ones I’ve posted above (don’t really see a case for this, but you know better) then of course the GStreamer tools should be installed to all KMS dockers.

yeah mihalji,

as we are facing lot of echo issues while screensharing and audio bad for the host and participant it is making the participants bad exp. So we thought of using any custom filter in gstreamer. will that help to resolve our issues ?

Ah got it, I’ll try to answer the echo issue in your topic. Let’s keep this for custom GStreamer filters only.

So yeah, you have to install the custom filter to all the KMS instances. But let’s see first if this is possible at all or maybe we need a custom Kurento filter for this.

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