Add my customized filter in OpenVidu

If I implemented a OpenCV type filter by my self in Kurento Media Server, Is it possible to add it to the stream in OpenVidu? I already know how to change the Kurento image. And I wonder how to invoke it from the top level.
Thanks for your help.

Have you read the specific filter section of our docs?

Thanks a lot!
I have read it and I successfully added a GStreamer filter based on the tutorial OpenVidu-js-java according to the document.
But when I tried to add my own filter, it didn’t work and report no error.
Do you have any document about how to build the OpenVidu server from source? I want to add some log to debug and I am not familiar with the compiling system of java & javascript.

Sure, check this

Have you installed your filter in the KMS used by OpenVidu?

Thank you for your help! I have successfully added my filter into the publisher stream and subscribed my callback event!
Now I found that I can only subscribe the event triggered by local filter. Is it possible for publisher A to subscribe to events triggered by publisher B’s filter?

Yes, and thanks to your help I have successfully added my filter. Would you mind taking a look at my further question?Thank you!

You can use session signaling messages to send messages between participants. So you can forward any message received in one participant to any other one.

Also, participants with moderator role con subscribe to filters of other participants.


Can anyone shed some light on incorporating a faceoverlay filter into an Android native app?.

Thanks in advance.

Sure. You must simply implement RPC methods to manage Kurento filters:

These RPC methods are no different than the already implemented ones in openvidu-android tutorial, specifically in CustomWebSocket class.

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