OpenVidu - For Audio Only

I need to develop a Web solution for audio-only usage. I want to use OpenVidu.

  1. Are there special settings
  2. Can I cancel/block the use of video on the server
  3. How would that affects the load and CPU usage (if there are concrete numbers that would be great)

Any other advice for using audio-only would be appreciated.

thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @israelws

Please find my comments below



It will be reduced, but I don’t have numbers to know how much.


I am baffled by the answers from @micael.gallego - I have configured my app to be audio-only with OpenVidu and while I have some issues with scalability now … it seems to generally work.

But maybe you meant scalability… is OpenVidu + Kurento still processing video even when no video is being sent by the clients?

No, what I think Micael was saying is that there is no server-side configuration to just “block”/“ignore” video from the client side. This means that of course if clients send audio-only streams, only audio will be transmitted to other ends by the server side. But if clients send video and audio, it is not possible to keep only the audio track at the server side level, discarding the video track.

Hope this clarifies your doubt a little. Best regards.